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Teach low-income families, students, & transitioning veterans food-related skills that allow them to prepare delicious & nutritious meals while on a budget using fresh and/or homegrown ingredients

Create a future where

processed foods are a

thing of the past

Our Values




Self Sufficiency

Minimal Waste


Involving individuals and orgranizations who desire to help locals in need

Teaching practical classes that are not offered in most schools

Inspiring optimism & confidence in those we serve

Providing skills and sustainable resources to create food security

Reducing the negative impact we have on our environment

Instilling knowledge & passion that can be passed down through generations

Our Story

Nick & Ashley Riggin founded Food Skills For Our Future on December 1, 2023. They started a regenerative farming business 4 years prior and learned a lot about agriculture, food, and themselves in that time. It had been a goal for these farmers to give back to the community in several ways, but the profits from farming were not even enough to pay their bills. Though the couple lacked the finances, they had a plethora of resources available that could help others: knowledge, skills, experience, livestock, and land. They started by donating 5,000 square feet of garden space to turn into a community garden specifically for the attendees of the organization's gardening classes. Chickens and rabbits are bred and donated to individuals that take some of the livestock husbandry workshops. This couple dedicates their time and resources to push the mission & values of Food Skills For Our Future in their community. Although they only service a small portion of North Georgia at this time, there are ambitious goals to open divisions across the United States to change the lives of millions by creating self-sufficient food security. No one should go hungry, and their only choices for food shouldn't be heavily processed and/or contain ingredients that will cause health concerns years later.

Meet The Team

What We're Doing

We're currently working hard to get even more classes developed and scheduled. We have applied for a few federal grants and several corporate grants that would give us the funding to have an adequate facility and resources to teach several cooking classes a week. Stay updated by following our Facebook page and subscribing to our newsletter. 

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