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All classes are offered for free to individuals with low income, high school & college students, and veterans transitioning back into civilian life. To gain access, create an account on this website, send an email to, and request a free membership. Discounted tickets are available to our members, so go to the donate page to signup. 

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Cooking on a Budget

Learn how to prepare delicious & nutritious meals that are affordable and don't require special equipment.

Sourdough Baking

Find out how to create a sourdough starter that can be used for many generations to make incredible bread and other baked goods.

Home Gardening

Discover how to grow fresh produce with any amount of space, even while living in an apartment. We also have a 5,000 square foot community garden to get hands on experience growing & harvesting fruits and vegetables.

Livestock for Food

Explore livestock husbandry to provide a sustainable food source and the other added benefits.

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